CocoPilots were born after Sari & Shamo met in Southeast Asia, 2017. They decided to travel together while exploring and sharing their mutual passion for music.

Their music infuses a lot of flavours from different styles and languages like Manu Chao. Much of their music is in English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French. 

Since 2019 they have upgraded their set introducing loop machines to give a full band sound to their duo. Consequently they have been asked to play in several European Festivals from France to Germany to Hungary.  

What about their Sound?

……consequently a mixture of reggae soul and latino vibes. CocoPilots play with a lot of passion, good humor and most of all complicity.

In addition they create simple melodies that will definitely get stuck in your head.


Since the age of 6 Sari has been playing with music, starting first with piano. In her teen years she developed in music theory and started singing at the German school choir in Porto, Portugal as a soprano. She performed often as a soloist interpreting Edit Piaf, Marlene Dietrich and jazz standards. Her dream was to become a professional soprano singer, but a problem in her throat made it impossible for her to follow her dream.  She went on to study architecture in Berlin, Germany.

In Berlin 2005 she bought a guitar and started to practice. She then rediscovered her voice on a different pitch and started singing again in different genres.

On her fist solo backpacking adventure to Italy, she took the guitar and started busking for fun. This experience was so powerful that she returned to Berlin and quit her part-time job. After graduating and working as an Architect for 3 years Sari decided to fully dedicate herself to music, first solo and then as a part of the duo CocoPilots.

Sari from CocoPilots


shamo from CocoPilots

Shamo grew up in Paris’ suburb, France. As a young child, he expressed the will play the trumpet and started to practice it at the age of 8.

He first played in some classical and jazz ensembles before falling in love with Jamaican music. Through Reggae and Ska, he found his musical identity, and played in many projects in those styles, especially many years in the professional band Join da Tease.

Improvisation is very important in his vision of music, that makes every session unique and spontaneous”, as long as street performances  “This is where who can surprise the widest sample of people”.

Since 2019 he is developing his skills as a multi-instrumentalist through the loopstation.


We care about our environment. This is why we try to have the least impact as possible and be socially and ecologically responsible. 

How do we do this?

– Our album was recorded on an Earthship ( a self sustainable house made out of recycled materials ) through solar energy. So no fossil fuels were used in the recording of our new songs.

– when we play outside we use power from our solar panels.

– 15% of our online shop sales will go towards a reforestation project in Portugal. We chose to donate to the organization: Criar Bosques from Quercus. For more information and to donate directly go to:

CocoPilots busking