CocoPilots in Otres Market Cambodia

CocoPilots in Otres Beach Night Market

cocopilots in otres beach market

cocopilots in otres beach market

The meeting of CocoPilots in Otres Beach Night Market in Cambodia was magical. On the 24th of December, a warm Christmas night, Sari & Shamo met in the place they both were performing at. After playing together, while improvising, they realized they had a lot of musical chemistry. They both were street musicians at the time. Sari was traveling with her guitar, while Shamo consequently with his trumpet. as a result, the mixture of their music created an incredible atmosphere, felt by all the people present at that time. Straightaway their music was intense and emotional. Alongside a lot of complicity everyone could feel their music was real.

the next day consequently, they met in the evening to play again. This time, they decided to jam together with other great musicians at the Straycat: A local pub ran by a French musician as well as an Australian circus girl. This couple had achieved their dream. To create a beautiful place for musicians to meet in a beautiful paradise on earth.

cocopilots in otres beach market

cocopilots in otres beach market

cocopilots at straycats

Again this evening spent at Straycats was filled with new sounds, exploration of human emotions and creative possibilities. A lot of Reggae as well.

So their wish to play together grew even stronger.After two magical days spent in paradise filled with friends and good music, this reunion together was coming to an end. Sari had a trip planned to India the following day. Meeting some friends and working on a social project in Varanasi. This was the next step for her. Shamo had plans to meet family and friends in Lao. Travel with them, exploring the remote regions of the Land. For this reason, their adventure had to come to an end. Still the wish to meet again lingered in them.

For Sari this encounter was nothing more than destiny! The universe showing two people, that together they can create amazing music. For Shamo the meeting of CocoPilots in Otres Beach Night Market remains an act of coincidence.

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